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of economics since 1897

Welcome to
the Scottish Economic Society

The objects of the Scottish Economic Society are:

  • to promote the study and teaching of economics on the widest basis, in accordance with the Scottish tradition of political economy inspired by Adam Smith
  • to provide a forum for the discussion of Scottish economic problems and their relationship to the political and social life of Scotland.

Successor from 1954 to the Scottish Society of Economists founded in 1897, the Scottish Economic Society supports an approach to economic explanation which acknowledges the human, social and historical dimensions of economic activity. This accommodates a rich variety of positions on theoretical and policy matters.

The Society is a professional body for economists, whether academic or not; it seeks to represent the collective interests of its members in all relevant contexts, and make a positive and informed contribution to economic and political debate, particularly in Scotland.

What's new?


  • SES 2022 Annual Conference: Congratulations to Conrad Copeland, winner of the 2022 Sir Alec Cairncross Prize for his work on Riding the Monsoon: Geography and Iron Age Trade in the Indian Ocean. Great paper!



  • ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement 2022: Registration is now open for the ESCoE annual conference, organised in partnership with the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS). This year’s conference is an in-person event, which will take place at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 25-27 May 2022. Keynote Speakers will include Sir Charles Bean (London School of Economics), Chiara Criscuolo (OECD and London School of Economics) and Michael Pollitt (Judge Business School, University of Cambridge).


  • RES 2022 Annual Conference11-13 April
    The RES Conference brings together hundreds of academic and professional economists to present the latest developments in economics and showcase their real-world application.  There is an amazing line up of speakers for 2022, including four keynote addresses and three innovative lunchtime chats, you can view the full programme here.Keynotes

    • Professor Serena Ng, Columbia - Sargan Lecture
    • Professor Nicholas Bloom, Stanford - Hahn Lecture
    • Professor Stefanie Stantcheva, Harvard - Economic Journal Lecture
    • Professor Tim Besley, President Address

    For more information and to book, please visit RES 2022 Annual Conference.  For 2022 the RES has a new initiative to enable in-person networking – and will be hosting 3 hub events at three locations.  At these events you can meet and network with fellow participants whist attending some great keynote sessions.


  • Online publication for SJPE from 2022. The Scottish Journal of Political Economy will be published in an online-only format effective from the 2022 volume. This is a proactive move towards reducing the environmental impact caused by the production and distribution of printed journal copies and will allow further investment in future innovations, digital development and sustainability measures. Published content will continue to be disseminated quickly through the journal’s network of indexing services, and Wiley’s extensive global institutional reach. Articles will also continue to be discoverable through popular search engines such as Google.


  • New editor of the Scottish Journal of Political Economy:
    • The Scottish Economic Society (SES) is delighted to announce that the new editor of The Scottish Journal of Political Economy is Professor David Jaeger of the University of St Andrews. Welcome, David! The Society would also like to pay tribute to Professor Catia Montagna and Professor John Skatun for their service to the Journal and the SES for eight years. Thanks John and Catia: We will miss you!






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