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of economics since 1897

Welcome to
the Scottish Economic Society

The objects of the Scottish Economic Society are:

  • to promote the study and teaching of economics on the widest basis, in accordance with the Scottish tradition of political economy inspired by Adam Smith
  • to provide a forum for the discussion of Scottish economic problems and their relationship to the political and social life of Scotland.

Successor from 1954 to the Scottish Society of Economists founded in 1897, the Scottish Economic Society supports an approach to economic explanation which acknowledges the human, social and historical dimensions of economic activity. This accommodates a rich variety of positions on theoretical and policy matters.

The Society is a professional body for economists, whether academic or not; it seeks to represent the collective interests of its members in all relevant contexts, and make a positive and informed contribution to economic and political debate, particularly in Scotland.

What's new?

  • Keynote recordings from SES/RES annual conference 2023 available:
    Thank you all for attending this year's joint SES/RES annual conference. You can find the links to the recordings of the keynote speeches and a foto gallery from the conference days here. We are very much lookig forward to see you all again in 2024:
  • University of Glasgow's Adam Smith Tercentenary Week Events:
    Registration is now open for Adam Smith 300 Tercentenary Week! This June, The University of Glasgow (UofG) is inviting high profile speakers and guests to Glasgow for a week of commemorative events to mark Adam Smith’s birthday. Tercentenary Week is the focal point of the UofG’s Adam Smith 300 events taking place throughout 2023 to reflect on the life, works and legacy of one of our most famous and notable alumni.Gita Gopinath, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Angus Deaton, and Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor Deirdre Nansen McCloskey will deliver evening lectures at the University of Glasgow. The lectures by Gita Gopinath and Professor Angus Deaton are supported by The Hunter Foundation. Professor McCloskey’s lecture is supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

    To encourage deep thought into Adam Smith’s writings and his relevance to contemporary economic and policy debates, Tercentenary Week will include a day of open workshop sessions with panellists attending from across the globe.

    A Symposium on Saturday 10 June will conclude Tercentenary Week. This day-long event will feature international scholars and practitioners, who will bring Smith into conversations with contemporary issues. Key speakers and panellists include Professor Sir Tim Besley (LSE); Professor Anne Case (Princeton); Professor Diane Coyle (Cambridge); and Professor Ben Friedman (Harvard).

    The Symposium will feature the premiere of a piece of music commissioned for the Tercentenary by Professor Kathleen Riach of the Adam Smith Business School, and written and composed by University of Glasgow alumni and composer Helen MacKinnon. Participants will also enjoy exclusive access to a display of Adam Smith artefacts from UofG collections.

    Tercentenary Week is held in partnership with the Adam Smith Global Foundation and Panmure House.

    Find out more and sign up to events:

  • Changes to the Presidency:
    After three highly successful years, Professor Charles Nolan (University of Glasgow) has completed his term as President of the Scottish Economic Society. We are very grateful for your service during this turbulent time. Thank you Charles!!! We are also very honoured to announce Professor Sarah Brown (University of Sheffield ) as the new president of the Society!!!
  • Changes to Society Officers:
    We are very happy to announce two changes to the officers of the society: Dr Tanya Wilson (University of Glasgow) will be the new President-elect for the next three years and Professor Lindsey Macmillan, (UCL) will take over as Treasurer of the Society. Congratulations and thank you both!!!
  • Changes to Council:
    We are delighted to welcome four new members to the Scottish Economic Society Council: Dr Conrad Copeland (UCL), Professor Gill Wyness (UCL), Dr Hector Rufrancos (University of Stirling) and Prof Alex Trew (University of Glasgow) have been elected and approved by the Scottish Economic Society AGM. Congratulations to all four!!!
  • Changes to Council:
    With the end of the Council term, Professor Nils Braakmann (Newcastle University) and Professor Mirko Moro (University of Stirling) have completed their two terms on the Scottish Economic Society Council and are leaving council. We thank them both for their immense support of the society over the past six years. Thank you!!!.






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