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of economics since 1897

Welcome to
the Scottish Economic Society

The objects of the Scottish Economic Society are:

  • to promote the study and teaching of economics on the widest basis, in accordance with the Scottish tradition of political economy inspired by Adam Smith
  • to provide a forum for the discussion of Scottish economic problems and their relationship to the political and social life of Scotland.

Successor from 1954 to the Scottish Society of Economists founded in 1897, the Scottish Economic Society supports an approach to economic explanation which acknowledges the human, social and historical dimensions of economic activity. This accommodates a rich variety of positions on theoretical and policy matters.

The Society is a professional body for economists, whether academic or not; it seeks to represent the collective interests of its members in all relevant contexts, and make a positive and informed contribution to economic and political debate, particularly in Scotland.

What's new?

  • We are very excited to invite you to the Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference which will be held from Monday 26 April until Wednesday 28 April 2021.  The conference will be hosted by the University of Glasgow, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation the conference will be held virtually. Registration for the conference is now open. Please find all the details on the conference page.


  • In November, the Scottish Economic Society held its 14th Annual Students and Teachers of Economics Conference. For the first time, the conference was held online. The conference was attended by 18 schools across Scotland, who were provided with access to series of presentations on contemporary economic topics, in addition to a panel session from group of recent economics graduates. The presenters taking part in the conference were:
    • Dr Grant Allan – Strathclyde University – What does economics say about energy
    • Geoff Crocker – Universal Basic Income and Sovereign Money
    • Professor Alistair Milne – Loughborough University - Cryptocurrency:  Is it the money of the future?
    • Careers and Graduate Panel Session:
      • Joshua Baxter – The Scottish Government
      • Jeppe Saarinen – Perella Weinberg Partners
      • Maria Sergeeva – London Stock Exchange






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